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‘Our forte is to focus on the underlying infrastructure layer’

STT GDC India is a major player in colocation services, having won the Frost & Sullivan Colocation Service Provider of the Year for two consecutive years. It offers a range of managed hosting services through its partners. It has now built an integrated data centre platform and a centre of operational excellence. The knowledge sharing CoE enables it to bring its global expertise to Indian customers.

In an e-mail interview with DIGITAL CREED, Bimal Khandelwal, CFO, STT GDC India talks about the key differentiators, achievements, the types of services offered, and the company’s commitment to its customers.

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‘IBM – Red Hat: I Would Not Think of It as A Merger or An Integration’

IBM completed its $34 billion acquisition of Red Hat on 10 July, 2019. While IBM says it will let Red Hat operate autonomously and independently, the world wondered what impact this mega acquisition would have on customers who are increasingly looking to deploy hybrid cloud solutions.

DIGITAL CREED met John C.P. Allessio, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Global Services, Red Hat a few days later.

In this interview, you will learn what the two companies stand to gain from each other through this partnership. And in our opinion, it has a lot to do with hybrid clouds, Red Hat Open Shift, and the downstream innovation from the open source community.

IBM Red Hat Partnership

‘Measuring the value of the data is a prerequisite for business success’

Ted Friedman, Distinguished VP Analyst, Gartner has interacted with several organisations and observes that data analytics leaders and Chief Data Officers are not directly measuring the financial value of data & analytics. He says that the value of data could be included in the valuation of the company in future. He also talks about the models that Gartner offers to help organisations assess the economic value of their data.

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