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IBM Transforms its Software to be Cloud-Native and Run on Any Cloud with Red Hat

IBM announced that it has transformed its software portfolio to be cloud-native and optimized it to run on Red Hat OpenShift. Enterprises can now build mission-critical applications once and run them on all leading public clouds, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Alibaba and IBM Cloud and on private clouds.

The new cloud-native capabilities will be delivered as pre-integrated solutions called IBM Cloud Paks. The IBM-certified and containerized software will provide a common operating model and common set of services – including identity management, security, monitoring and logging – and are designed to improve visibility and control across clouds together with a unified and intuitive dashboard.


Intel and Lenovo collaborate for HPC and AI

Intel and Lenovo announced a multiyear collaboration focused on the rapidly growing opportunity in the convergence of high-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) to help accelerate solutions for the world’s most challenging problems. Building on the companies’ long-standing partnership in the data center, the multiyear global collaboration will speed the convergence of HPC and AI, creating solutions for organizations of all sizes.

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‘IBM – Red Hat: I Would Not Think of It as A Merger or An Integration’

IBM completed its $34 billion acquisition of Red Hat on 10 July, 2019. While IBM says it will let Red Hat operate autonomously and independently, the world wondered what impact this mega acquisition would have on customers who are increasingly looking to deploy hybrid cloud solutions.

DIGITAL CREED met John C.P. Allessio, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Global Services, Red Hat a few days later.

In this interview, you will learn what the two companies stand to gain from each other through this partnership. And in our opinion, it has a lot to do with hybrid clouds, Red Hat Open Shift, and the downstream innovation from the open source community.

IBM Red Hat Partnership

IBM Signs Mega Five-Year Deal With Vodafone Idea for Infrastructure to Enhance Customer Experience

History repeats itself. IBM signed a five-year agreement with Vodafone Idea Limited, India's second-largest telecom player (by revenue) to improve customer services and customer engagement. The partnership also brings in IBM expertise to consolidate the infrastructure of the two telecom companies (Vodafone India Ltd. and Idea Cellular Ltd.) who announced their merger last year. The multi-million-dollar five-year agreement will deliver an enhanced customer experience to millions of connected consumers and businesses in India.