Terms & Conditions

DIGITAL CREED is a neutral media platform owned by Brian Pereira, in Mumbai, India.

How we write

We adapt our writing for UK English to address a global audience (including the Middle East and Southeast Asia). There could be some articles written in US English. Business, conversational; second person (except for Blogs & Opinions).

Our Target Readers

Futurist, small business owner, entrepreneur, startup founder, developer, researcher,  student, tech enthusiast, aviation enthusiast, digital transformation consultant,  IT admin, data center engineer, CTO, and CIO minus one.

What we do

  • Market trends, market research
  • Business Case Studies
  • Future directions
  • Best practices
  • Thought leadership blogs
  • Industry news
  • News on innovation, startups, small businesses
  • Student technology competitions and hackathons
  • Technology for Governance / Government to Citizen
  • Technology trends, innovation, breakthroughs, research
  • Book reviews, app reviews, @work gadget reviews (done by our editors)

What we won’t do

  • Link to spammy websites.
  • Run articles on online gambling, dating websites, and other such businesses.
  • Provide “do follow” links to promotional content.
  • Publish stories on vendors attaining leadership as awarded by market research firms.
  • We do not post press releases that aggressively promote products and services. We are not a marketing agency. This is “earned media”.
  • We do not post authored articles written by marketers, casual bloggers, or PR folk. Authored articles are sourced directly from authors/editors and must fulfill certain criteria: neutrality, thought leadership, case scenarios, knowledge sharing, opinions.


Paid content on Digital Creed will be labeled “SPECIAL FEATURES”.


Please do not send us requests to add/remove links in our published stories. If you want us to remove backlinks from our site to yours, use the Google Links Disawow tool.

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