What is ABB Ability?

Guido Jouret, Chief Digital Officer, ABB Group 

Guido Jouret, Chief Digital Officer, ABB Group has over 24 years of experience in the IT-sector and is committed to creating high-tech solutions for businesses in digital transformations. Jouret is the driving force behind ABB Ability™, the company’s unified, cross-industry digital capability — extending from device to edge to cloud — with devices, systems, solutions, services and a platform, enabling customers to increase productivity and efficiency. 

Guido Jouret, Chief Digital Officer, ABB Group

DC: Can you tell us what is ABB Ability and how it will help Indian businesses?

Guido Jouret:   ABB Ability is a set of solutions and a technology platform that help customers adopt Industry 4.0 and get ready for the energy revolution. The solutions are products — services that are essentially hardware, software and connectivity that solve specific problems like energy management, cybersecurity, robots, automation technologies.

All of this is powered by a common technology platform based on Microsoft Azure, IBM Watson and other industry standard technologies. Customers can deploy these solutions on premise, as well as in the cloud.

In the Indian context, these are extremely relevant as we think of programs like the electrification program that is extending power to rural communities, the initiatives around electric vehicle charging, and also Made in India, which has more factory production; industrial capabilities are coming to India. There is tremendous scope to take the assets that India has in terms of IT, and combine that with operational technology (OT), where we can create new solutions that together help unleash productivity and bring economic prosperity to India.

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