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Reinforcement Learning is beyond Machine Learning

Online learning platform Coursera recently reported that Indians constituted the highest number of subscribers for artificial intelligence and machine learning…

We are seeing Cloud becoming the new normal in the Enterprise sector

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Why investors are attracted to media companies

When investors come forward to buy or invest in media companies, people wonder what attracts them, and what makes them…

Will the Amazon Go concept work in India?

Amazon Go is a concept of the cashier-less store, devoid of POS machines and checkout operators.

How India’s CIOs choose cloud hosting

We asked 5 CIOs what really matters to them and what they look for when selecting a cloud hosting service.…

A data center with a heart for the startup and developer ecosystem

India is home to the fastest growing ecosystem of startups and entrepreneurs, with approximately 4,000 startups launching this year. Considering…

Amazon launches ultra-light Kindle Oasis e-reader that goes on for months

Designed to feel weightless—incredibly thin with an ergonomic grip that shifts the center of gravity to the palm of your…

Kindle makes reading a sheer joy

Product review: All-New Kindle Reviewer: Brian Pereira  Date: 25 May, 2015 There are three new Kindle e-book readers in the…

NxtGen outperforms Amazon and Rackspace

Cloud Spectator tested virtual machines from Amazon, NxtGen, and Rackspace for a period of five days between March 17, 2015…