YouTube reaches 80% of all Internet users across age-groups in India

Entertainment in non-English, local languages and intent to learn draws YouTubers; opportunity for brands to do intent marketing

Mumbai – YouTube completes its tenth year in India and celebrated its anniversary with a multi-city event called Brandcast 2018. There were less than 50 million Internet users in India when YouTube launched in the country in 2008. Today YouTube videos are consumed by over 225 million monthly active users of mobile in India. A fact that stands out here is that most of these Internet users are consuming video content through mobile phones. By 2020 India will have over 650 million Internet users. According to a FICCI-YI Report, by 2020, there will be 500 million unique Indians consuming online video. Another interesting point to note: less than 20 percent of India’s population is proficient in English. Over 90 percent of the time spent on digital video is in non-English  — in Hindi, Tamil, Kannada and other local languages.

Rajan Anandan, VP South East Asia and India, Google
Rajan Anandan, VP South East Asia and India, Google

Rajan Anandan, VP South East Asia and India, Google said, “YouTube today has viewability of 95%. In the 10-year journey that YouTube has had in India, we’ve gone from providing short-form videos to a whole variety of premium, high-quality content. Today, YouTube is a powerful platform for users, creators and advertisers.”

As per the 2017 ComScore Video Metrix Multi-platform, YouTube reaches 85% of all highly engaged Internet users, in the 18 years and above age group across India.

Anandan also spoke about the emergence of the creator community and how it differentiates YouTube from other video platforms. “The creators are creating an opportunity for brands, regardless of industry, to tell their stories in different ways, and to engage consumers in different ways.,” he said.

Underlining YouTube’s ongoing commitment to India, Robert Kyncl, Chief Business Officer, YouTube added, “In the last few years, India has emerged as an incredibly dynamic content and user market for YouTube. We now have more than 300 channels with over a million subscribers, from just sixteen channels in 2014. We will continue to invest in programs to support creators and encourage more diversity and distribution of their content. And we’re doubling down on our efforts both on product and advertising to unlock the potential of online video advertising for everyone.”

An end-to-end platform for brands

YouTube has also helped brands increase sales and some prominent examples were highlighted at Brandcast 2018.

“For brands, YouTube is now an end-to-end platform offering massive reach and engagement to drive business results. Brands have an opportunity to drive results for direct response customers too. We call it ‘YouTube for Performance’. Today we are working with advertisers to build brands and drive measurable results. Some of YouTube’s most successful campaigns globally have come from Indian brands,” said Anandan.

Anandan said video helped Marico’s Livon brand achieved 18% lift in offtakes and 65% lift in modern trade and e-commerce.

Uber used Director’s Mix to launch their most recent campaign on YouTube to focus on building Uber as a habit for Indian consumers and increased the number of rides. This campaign delivered 63% more first rides and 18% lower cost for the first trip.

Robert Kyncl, Chief Business Officer, YouTube
Robert Kyncl, Chief Business Officer, YouTube

“Brands now have an incredible opportunity to drive material results with constant ads innovation on the YouTube platform,” added Robert Kyncl. “Be it bumper Ads or Trueview for action or Offline to online – that allows you to track the impact of your campaigns in your physical stores – or our latest innovative tools like Director Mix and Video Ads Sequencing, we are constantly adding newer ways for marketers to get more from YouTube.”

Talking about the powerful impact of video and YouTube in shaping culture, and shifting mindsets, Sapna Chadha, Director Marketing, South East Asia and India, Google said, “The reason behind YouTube’s influence in shaping culture comes back to its engaged audience. In India, YouTube is seeing incredible growth across all age groups; even amongst 55+ audience our reach stands at over 80%. From millennials to parents to working professionals – they all go to YouTube with a strong intent to learn and explore something new. It represents an incredible opportunity for brands to use that intent to connect with their audience in a meaningful way and drive significant business results.”

At the event, Google also revealed insights on the growing influence of YouTube basis the research done by Ipsos, Video Landscape research, India, Jan 2018. IN NCCS A-B audiences.

Key highlights of the research

YouTube has a highly engaged audience:

  • 65% online video viewers subscribe to channels on YouTube and 85% of them go and watch a new video within two days of its uploading.
  • Over 50% of working women use YouTube for the following categories before actual purchase: Beauty Products, Automobile, Travel and Real Estate.
  • 7 out of 10 online video viewers choose to watch ads with both sound and video on.
  • 71% of online video viewers go first to YouTube to watch a video to learn something.

Growing Influence of YouTubers:

  • 7 out of 10 people relate to YouTubers more than traditional celebrities.
  • 76% of male business professionals who watch online videos say that YouTube stars shape and influence culture.
  • Over 65% of online video viewers opinions about a brand have been influenced by a YouTuber they follow.
  • Over 75% of mom’s opinions about a brand have been influenced by a YouTuber they follow.


A total of 3,230 respondents across leading video platforms were interviewed using online panel approach. Research covered the following consumer segments in 8 cities in India:

  • Mothers: 20+ yrs with kids
  • Millennials: Male / Female 18 – 34 yrs
  • Males: 25 – 44 yrs
  • Women working professionals 18 – 44 yrs

The 8 cities in India: Mumbai, Delhi, Lucknow, Bhopal, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kochi, Trivandrum.




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