Tech Mahindra launches AQT automation framework

December 22, 2015: Tech Mahindra Limited, a leading provider of IT, Networks and Engineering solutions and BPO services, today announced the launch of its automation framework AQTTM to help deliver continuous increase in Business Efficiency, making it Faster, Cheaper and Better to our stakeholders and ourselves.

The AQTTM (Automation, Quality, Time) framework is powered by technologies based on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) andAQTTM

Increased employee productivity being the immediate benefit, the ultimate beneficiary is the customer – with faster and cheaper deliveries resulting in reduced time-to-market.

For the framework, Tech Mahindra has taken the “build-through approach” in partnership with veritable institutions like the Chennai Mathematical Institute and several thought leaders. The company has also involved its customers to co-create solutions, modelled on relevant real-life situations.

Framework Components

The AQT™ Toolkit, titled SureSmart, is a suite of tools and delivery accelerators across our key competencies. It comprises CUBES™ for Infrastructure and Application maintenance and operations, UNO™ for Robotic Process Automation, and TACTiX™ as our Artificial Intelligence-powered Knowledge Engine. In projects that have adopted the framework, we have been able to increase process efficiency and associated benefits from AQT™. The company intended this to be a “platform-play” across all businesses and markets and is sensing good traction in projects where it has applied the framework, across verticals.

The Center for Automation Technologies (CAT) owns the automation strategy and enablement support. It will develop, and be a repository for, intellectual property development for our toolkit. Tech Mahindra has also put in place a system to proliferate Automation-Thinking across the organization, through training and certification programs.

In addition, the Automate2Accelerate Program will speed up adoption of the automation culture across the company, through identified Automation Leads and Commandos.

“The discipline of Automation is about making an entire organization think on those lines – which demands behavioural change management and up-skilling. Tech Mahindra has ridden every new industry wave admirably and managed change before; it will do it again with AQT,” said Mr CP Gurnani, MD & CEO, Tech Mahindra.

Mr. L Ravichandran, Chief Operating Officer, Tech Mahindra, added, “Whatever we do must positively impact our customer’s top-line, bottom-line, investments and end-customer experience. AQT helps us do that. And, what better way to get repeat business than giving our clients what they want, faster and cheaper, every time?”



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