Tata Communications launches Data Roaming Boost to speed up Internet access for mobile users globally

Teleena first to adopt the industry-first service that paves the way for a ubiquitous global mobile and Internet of Things experience through superfast data roaming

MWCBarcelona – February 22, 2016Tata Communications, a leading provider of A New World of Communications™, today launches Data Roaming Boost, a global service that enables mobile network operators and service providers to deliver a significantly improved mobile internet experience for their customers, with the potential to halve the time[1] it takes to open a webpage or application on their smart device whilst they are traveling overseas. Teleena, one of the world’s top mobile service and Internet of Things (IoT) enablers, is the first to roll out the industry-first service to enhance the delivery of its mobile and IoT applications globally.

With data roaming, a mobile user’s internet connection is traditionally routed via long distances and through multiple transit parties back to the home operator – resulting in speed and connectivity challenges. This in turn leads to a poor user experience and often results in service abandonment. With Data Roaming Boost, mobile network operators are able to avoid this multi-party hand-off and connect their customers to the Internet using the closest Tata Communications’ globally deployed points-of-presence. This ensures a high-quality browsing experience for roamers, while giving service providers full control of their subscriber traffic.

Initial tests[2] by Tata Communications returned results showing that Data Roaming Boost provides a 130% improvement in connectivity speeds compared with the traditional approach of routing traffic back to the mobile operator’s home network.

Data Roaming Boost also delivers significant efficiencies for international IoT applications when a device is in constant roaming mode. For example, the infotainment device of a car could be built in one country and used in another, which can be costly for the service provider and lead to a slow user experience. Data Roaming Boost reduces connectivity costs for IoT service providers and makes IoT applications more responsive for users.

“As LTE networks bring high-bandwidth applications such as content streaming and video calling to mobile users’ handsets, mobile service providers are under pressure to offer their customers a consistent mobile experience whether at home or abroad,” says Conor Carroll, Senior Vice President, Global Carrier Solutions – Europe, Asia and Americas, Tata Communications. “Data Roaming Boost represents a breakthrough in data roaming performance and enables service providers to offer highly responsive, glitch-free, mobile data connectivity to their customers, whether they are international travellers or IoT businesses.”

“Data Roaming Boost is a game-changer for the delivery of mobile services and IoT applications,” says Timo Smit, Executive Director at Teleena. “By integrating our platform with Tata Communications’ Data Roaming Boost, we are able to offer fully managed data roaming services and IoT solutions for our customers on a global scale, delivering a ubiquitous, seamless user experience regardless of location.”

Ovum’s Monetizing next-generation roaming opportunities report[3] found that 63% of home network operators believe that poor roaming quality of experience can lead to customer churn. Built on Tata Communications’ global network, which is ranked among the top five in five continents[4] and connects 4 out of 5 mobile subscribers globally, Data Roaming Boost creates a virtualised extension of the home operator’s network, reducing delays associated with home routing and enhancing customer retention.



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