MIT xPRO Launches New Programs in Leadership and Machine Learning Through Simplilearn

by | Dec 31, 2022

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Bengaluru, December 27, 2022: MIT xPRO has announced two new upskilling programs in Executive Leadership Principles and Machine Learning for Business, Engineering, and Science. Delivered through the digital skills training platform Simplilearn, these programs leverage MIT xPRO’s thought leadership in engineering and management developed over years of research, teaching, and practice as well as Simplilearn’s digital learning platform.

The Executive Leadership Principles program is designed to enable learners to understand an array of organizational and leadership aspects. Some of the focus areas include organizational strategies and capabilities, applying influence, negotiation, conflict resolution, change management, problem-solving, navigating culture and networks, as well as discovering and implementing leadership strengths. This Executive Program offers masterclasses taught by MIT faculty and instructors, assessments, case studies, and tools. It is best suited for early and mid-career professionals looking to advance their leadership and capabilities while on the job.

Through this program, learners can benefit from an executive certificate of completion from MIT xPRO, 5 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) from MIT xPRO, scope to connect with an international community of professionals, as well as an opportunity to work on real-world projects. Eligibility criteria requires learners to have a graduate degree; they could be working professionals with technical or non-technical backgrounds.

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The Machine Learning for Business, Engineering and Science program is designed to demystify machine learning through computational engineering principles and applications. It provides the opportunity to learn from MIT faculty, while connecting with an international community of professionals and working on projects based on real-world examples. Learners will gain the skills to apply their knowledge to various aspects of work using simulations, assessments, case studies, and tools. Learners get a chance to earn a Professional Certificate of completion and 10 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) from MIT xPRO. The program is best suited for professionals with bachelor’s degrees in engineering, business or physical science who are interested in knowing about the application of Machine Learning across various domains.

MIT xPRO’s online learning programs leverage vetted content from world-renowned experts to make learning accessible anytime, anywhere.  MIT xPRO programs are application-focused, helping professionals build their skills on the job.

Anand Narayanan, Chief Product Officer of Simplilearn said, The need to upskill remains consistent and relevant for professionals across the board. In the dynamic workplace of today, it is imperative for professionals to be able to effectively complete tasks and solve problems strategically. Ensuring to map skills and constantly upgrading oneself to match industry requirements will ensure consistent professional growth. We are pleased to work with MIT xPRO to offer these programs in new-age skills enabling employees to upskill and achieve high-quality results in their workspace.”

Announcing the launch, MIT xPRO says, “Students and professionals today are keen to regularly upskill and up their game when it comes to strengthening their careers. There is a need to stay abreast with industry developments and be open and agile to change. In this regard, we are pleased to work with Simplilearn to curate programs that are sure to provide in-depth and comprehensive knowledge, relevant to the dynamic industry shifts. We are confident that they will assist learners in achieving their career objectives.”

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