CeBIT 2015 shows how d!conomy is becoming safer

by | Mar 2, 2015

Nuremberg/Hannover. d!conomy, the keynote theme of CeBIT 2015, describes the rapid and extensive penetration of IT into all areas of business and society. IT security plays a decisive role here, with companies at the upcoming CeBIT in Hannover set to show how the d!conomy is becoming safer. No other IT event has such a strong focus on IT security as CeBIT. This is not just a matter of personal password protection, but involves well-integrated and highly complex security solutions for digital applications and data.

“Only those who digitize their companies and are willing to invest will be able to compete successfully. The correct and long-term use of IT security measures is a key factor here,” underlined Oliver Frese, Member of the Board at Deutsche Messe AG, in Nuremberg on Monday: “Anyone who wants to take advantage of increasing digitization and kick-start new business processes needs to ensure that operations within their company are protected against external attacks. At the same time, they must use the tightest possible security measures in order to build trust among their customers.”

First port of call: CeBIT Business Security showcase in Hall 6
The first and most important port of call for anyone wanting to find out about IT security is the CeBIT Business Security showcase featuring developers, manufacturers and distributors of IT security solutions. The range of solutions on offer extends from antivirus systems, e-mail security and Cloud & Internet security through to network security. Renowned exhibitors at the showcase will include itWatch, Kaspersky, Secunet, Secusmart, Sophos, Trend Micro and Wick Hill.

New home for IT Security cuts down walking distances
The new home for the CeBIT Business Security showcase in Hall 6 (previously known as “IT Security” in Hall 12) cuts down walking distances for visitors. It is close to a host of CeBIT offerings that are of particular interest to CIOs, IT professionals and heads of various departments in the user companies – such as Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Business Intelligence and Commerce Solutions in Hall 5 as well as the Public Sector Park featuring solutions for public administration in Hall 7 – all applications that have to meet the highest security requirements within companies and authorities.

Security Plaza shows how to close security gaps
Organized in conjunction with the Heise publishing house, the Security Plaza forum will take place in Hall 6 on all five days of the event, with renowned exhibitors from the security industry showcasing their products and services on an area covering approx. 900 square metres. Experts will give practice-oriented presentations on the topic of security and explain how to close critical security gaps. Topics include encryption between client and server, authorization management in digital data worlds and special data protection solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Among the issues covered are IT security law, personal privacy and human rights, and a reality check when it comes to live hacking. The complete program is available online.

Business Security Forum features end-to-end IT security concepts
Putting the spotlight on end-to-end IT security within companies, the Business Security Forum will be held in Hall 6 on every day of CeBIT. The presentations are specifically tailored to the needs of executives and IT decision-makers. One of the program highlights will be the event organized by Cyber Security Council Germany (CSRD) on the effects of the digital transformation, which will focus in particular on the automotive and energy sectors. Other topics in the Business Security Forum will include identity theft, “cybercriminality and what business and governments can do to protect themselves” and security for mobile applications. The presentation on China’s Cyber Security Strategy should also be particularly interesting. The complete program is available online.

CeBIT Global Conferences all about IT security
IT security is also high on the agenda at the CeBIT Global Conferences in Hall 8. Top speakers will include investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald, Kevin Mitnick, known as the world’s most famous hacker, and NATO Deputy Assistant Secretary General Dr Jamie Shea. The complete program is available online.

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