Bosch launches Phantom to enable SMEs to start their Industry 4.0 journeys

by | Nov 30, 2018

Bosch Phantom

Bengaluru, India: At the Bengaluru Tech Summit, Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions today unveiled Phantom – an intelligent ecosystem platform for SMEs to embark on their I4.0 journey. Phantom supports SMEs to prepare digital transformation roadmaps for their manufacturing plants, machine intelligence and energy analytics.


  • SME oriented and price friendly, it provides a means to jumpstart the digital journey and be part of the transformation happening in the industry
  • An SME marketplace of best practices, comprehensive industry benchmarks and all-round learnings provide a boost to productivity goals
  • Phantom provides consulting and advisory support enabling SMEs to be on par with industry practices; SMEs can access frameworks, methodologies, processes and useful tools to embark on a journey of fast paced improvements
  • Extensive benchmarks provide insights into machine efficiency, machine predictive maintenance and exhaustive energy analytics
  • Each SME gets his own portal to catalog his journey, his knowledge and his relative position in the industry through Phantom benchmarks

Addresses a real need of the hour: “Bosch Phantom stands behind the Indian SME sector to significantly improve their machine efficiency which is the cornerstone to secure India’s digital future”, said Swaminathan K, VP, Sales and Marketing, RBEI. A non-invasive, retrofit solution that can be set up in a few minutes, it is installed in a machine, gathers unique machine usage and production patterns for extensive analytics, and provides valuable insights on usage, benchmarks, trends, losses and best practices. It also provides input on critical safety, machine maintenance and early warnings on malfunctions. Vijay Ratnaparkhe, President and Managing Director of RBEI said, “Phantom will help SMEs jump start their digital transformation journey. RBEI’s vision is to provide smart solutions for the globe and Phantom is a step in that direction”.

The Phantom platform is a powerful ecosystem on the cloud and on-premise that delivers manufacturing efficiency, real time alerts and notifications for timely actionable insights. A user configurable portal and dashboard provides transparency and visibility of factory operations, worker productivity and machine effectiveness. It automates data capture and provides timely, bias-free, accurate data that form the basis for managers to set targets, track performance, analyze, and improve on a continuous basis.

Working with a view of an ideal benchmark across similar industries is much needed and now provided by Phantom. Analytics form the core of this solution and it is Phantom’s purpose to bring advanced technology and insightful analytics to SMEs. “We have built a product that has been truly invented for life”, said Uday Prabhu, head of Connected Products and Digital Labs at RBEI.

“The true benefits of Industry 4.0/Connected Industry will be realized when there is a seamless integration of the entire value stream that includes partners (such as suppliers, logistics providers). Phantom is a platform that provides for this inclusivity in realizing Industry 4.0. SME’s do not have to be left out due to constraints of cost of ownership of technology or talent. They can get on the Phantom platform and pace their journey of Industry4.0 and strive for global competitiveness in cost and quality”, said Dattatri Salagame, VP of Domain Digital at RBEI.

Bosch Phantom is designed to be leveraged for multiple industries to jump start a digital (#JSD) journey through customized advisory sessions, consulting workshops and a content rich knowledge portal for asset intensive industries such as retail stores, airports, oil and gas terminals, textile, construction, buildings and many more industries. SMEs form the core of our focus.

Let’s be remarkable: Cars drive autonomously, machines speak to each other, and houses become smarter. At Bosch, we turn these visions into reality to improve the quality of life for people all over the world. Start something big and become a part of forward thinkers where you can create something remarkable: Invented for life.

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