52% Indians Aware of Recently Launched 5G Technology

by | Nov 6, 2022

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Mumbai, 2nd November 2022:  Axis My India, a leading consumer data intelligence company, released its latest findings of the India Consumer Sentiment Index (CSI), a monthly analysis of consumer perception on a wide range of issues. As per the November report, 52% are aware of the 5G technology, 24% of them intend to switch to 5G phones and 7% of them have already purchased it. While mobile phones are a preferred purchase for 3% during the sale season; price, brand, and RAM continues to be important considerations for its purchase.

India launched 5G services at the sixth edition of the India Mobile Congress.

The November net CSI score, calculated by percentage increase minus percentage decrease in sentiment, is at +09, from +08 last month reflecting an increase by 01 point

The sentiment analysis delves into five relevant sub-indices – Overall household spending, spending on essential and non-essential items, spending on healthcare, media consumption habits & mobility trends.

The survey was carried out via Computer-Aided Telephonic Interviews with a sample size of 10207 people across 32 states and UTs. 70% belonged to rural India, while 30% belonged to urban counterparts. In terms of regional spread, 26% belong to the Northern parts while 24% belong to the Eastern parts of India. Moreover, 30% and 20% belonged to Western and Southern parts of India respectively. 56% of the respondents were male, while 44% were female. In terms of the two majority sample groups, 28% each reflect the age group of 26YO to 35YO and 36YO to 50YO.

Commenting on the CSI report, Pradeep Gupta, Chairman & MD, Axis My India, said, “The growing dependency on the internet has impacted all spheres of the consumer’s life. From chatting to networking, expressing, and now watching, the internet has evolved to fulfill all consumer needs and will continue to do so in the future with the advent of 5G. While the dependency on online apps for grocery purchases are on a nascent stage, we are more than confident that like any other daily task, this too shall completely be an online behaviour in the next few years. From adapting newer modes of media consumption like watching World-cup on phone to having varied other forms of empowered user experience on the internet, 5G will only continue to shape consumer consumption behaviour.”

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Key findings

  • 52% aware that India has recently launched 5G Tech. The survey further revealed 24% of them plans to switch to 5G Phones while 7% have already purchased.


  • Further deep-diving into Mobile phone preferences, the survey found out that 15% considers RAM as the most prominent feature while buying it while 14% each consider the brand and the price of the device as important parameters. Camera quality reported to be an important concern for 11%


  • Consumption of media (TV, Internet, Radio etc.) has increased for 21% of the families, up by 2% after remaining stagnant at 19% for the last three months. The overall, net score, which was at -3 last month, is at -4 this month.


  • Mobility has increased for 7% of the families, which reflects an increase by 1% from last month. The overall mobility net indicator score which was at -2% last month, has reported -1 this month.

According to Axis My India’s CSI Survey, 61% access the internet daily. With an intent to understand consumers’ internet usage behaviour, the survey further discovered that 29% have used the internet in the last one month to surf through social networking applications (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). 23% each have used the internet as a means of ‘chatting’ (WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram etc.) and for watching/downloading online videos. In addition, only 8% have used the internet for ‘video calling’ through WhatsApp, Facetime, and Instagram.

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