How the US should react to N. Korea ICBM launch

Holding military drills is not the right approach. The US needs to back off immediately or the situation will escalate to full-scale war.

Korea launched its first ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) yesterday (July 4). The missile has a range of 6,000 Km (3,728 miles) and is capable of striking Alaska, Hawaii and some northwestern states of America. It is also capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. The US is extremely paranoid about this and has launched new military drills with S. Korea. On the other hand, China and Russia, which both want peace in the region, feel the US is overreacting and should change its approach.

This incident reminds me of the cold war and the Cuban crisis of the 1960s. One small misstep or misunderstanding or miscommunication on either side could set off a war. This is a delicate situation, and world leaders need to step in and reign both sides, in the interest of world peace.

The footprint of the missile (6,000 Km) puts other Asian countries (including India) at great risk. Yes, the ICBM could also hit any part of India. But are we reacting the way the US is right now?

I think this is largely about “insecurity” — why are dominant powers (and their leaders) always so insecure?

Let’s put ourselves under Kim Jong iL’s skin. Any good leader who loves his country will try to protect it from offenders and attackers. This is well documented in history books. It is not about who are the “good guys” and who are the “baddies”. That’s perception. There is good and bad in everyone.

Mr Kim Jong iL feels the US is a threat to his nation. Donald Trump feels N. Korea is now a serious threat.

The more each side provokes the other, the more the opposite side will try to demonstrate its might. Don’t we see this in animals who bear their teeth or shed poison or change colour and form when attacked by predators?

This is not good for mankind and the rest of the world. Do we want to make N. Korea another Hiroshima?

When the US and Russia acquired nuclear capability, other nations felt threatened and also decided to go nuclear. Today other nations such as Iran, Israel, India and Pakistan have nuclear missiles. Of course, everyone says it’s for “peaceful purposes”.

So why did the superpowers acquire nuclear capability in the first place?

I think the US and N. Korea are both behaving like two spoilt brats, whose parents lost control of them.

Trump (and the US) need to back off. Show some respect for N. Korea. It feels as threatened as the US.

Show some love and respect for N. Korea — and Kim Jong iL will have a change of heart.

Russia and China can mediate and bring the US and N. Korea together for talks.

Bur first, the US needs to back off. Stop those military exercises and withdraw your ships, Mr. Trump. Your strategy is wrong. It would lead to destruction, bloodshed and war — and we don’t want any of that.

The US should act on behalf of the rest of the world — and not think only about itself.



Brian Pereira

Brian Pereira is an Indian journalist based in Mumbai. He has 25 years of journalism experience. Brian is the former Editor of CHIP and InformationWeek magazines and has written technology articles for India's leading newspaper groups such as The Times of India and Indian Express Newspapers. Brian also writes on Aviation, startups, and he covers topics directed at small and medium businesses. Email: Twitter: @brian9p Linkedin:

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