Mumbai Gears Up For The 10th Edition Of Tedxgateway 2018

20+Speakers Take Center Stage

  • Started in 1984, videos have 80 million monthly unique views (Google Analytics, Q4 2014)
  • TED Talks continue to be watched all across the world- has 17 new page views every second 19% of the traffic is from India
  • 110 million unique video views in 2016
  • Eminent corporate houses like Aditya Birla, Rustomjee and Qatar extend their support to this carnival of ideas in 2018

TEDxDate: Sunday, 2nd December2018

Time: 9:00 am to 6:30pm

Venue: DOME @ NSCI, Mumbai Worli


Mumbai 17th October 2018: If there’s one platform that brings masterminds together from various walks of life, the first name that comes to mind is TEDxGateway. The long wait is over, as the biggest melting pot of inspiring ideas is back with its 10th edition of TEDxGateway on 2nd December 2018. Hosted at the DOME @ NSCI Mumbai, this year, audiences can brace themselves for a promising line-up of 20+ powerhouse intellectuals, each having an extraordinary story to tell.

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that brings people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TED Talks video and live speakers are combined to spark a deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = an independently organized TED event. TEDx Gateway is an independently organized licensed TED event; TED has no affiliate or partner conference in India.

TEDxGateway, an independently organized TED Conference. Operated under license from TED the 10th edition will take place at the Dome @ NSCI, Worli in Mumbai on 02 December 2018.At the day-long conference, we will feature eminent speakers from different walks of life will share unique ideas from India and all around the globe. It draws 5,500 curated and selected attendees across India. Attendees of TEDxGateway will include philanthropists, policymakers, industrialists, CXOs, entrepreneurs, creative heads, students, CEOs, scientists, artists, corporate and bureaucrats from across the nation.

Staying true to its theme of ‘Ideas worth Spreading’, the event will welcome thought leaders, visionaries, disruptors and trendsetters from across fields like education, science, technology, art and culture. Bringing alive stories of passion, perseverance and persistence, every speaker is sure to evoke a sense of motivation and inspiration among the 5500+ attendees at the event. Additionally, the main event will also be webcasted across 200 campuses in India and multiple cities hosting TEDx’s across the world, targeting over 150,000+ viewers.

This year, TEDxGateway will provide a platform to some of the most iconic names from diverse fields of expertise. The line-up includes eminent personalities such as:

  • The co-founder of a non-profit dedicated to providing education to Afghan girls
  • An Associate Director of the Boston Consultancy Group (BCG)
  • Seven elite extreme-sport athletes that have formed a Parkour collective
  • A Buzzfeed News, world correspondent
  • Two 12-year-old child prodigies and innovators
  • An IPS officer
  • An Author and Storyteller that writes for the young adult audience, about sensitive topics such as rape and abuse
  • A Global Strategy Advisor and a Geo-Political Futurist.
  • An expert Oncologist.
  • A photographer that creates stunning pieces in the field of microscopic photography
  • A Biodiversity Scientist who also happens to be the 6th President of Mauritius
  • A Technologist and Design thinker
  • Multiple education innovators
  • A computer scientist and an AI expert
  • World Music Collaborators and Curators
  • A Padma Shri award-winning Indian classical dancer and choreographer

Additionally, the platform will also host a Padma Shree Award-winning photographer and a 6-time TED speaker, amongst other interesting profiles.

The event will also see grand performances by Storror, Maati Baani & Shankarananda Kalakshetra followed by multiple sponsored initiatives at the venue.

To further bolster TEDxGateway’s vision, leading corporate organizations have joined hands in supporting the event this year. Some notable names include Aditya Birla, JSW, Rustomjee & Qatar.

Commenting on TEDxGateway Feb 2018, Yashraj Akashi, Senior Ambassador and Curator, TEDx Gateway in India said,At TEDxGateway, it is our constant endeavor to provide a platform for a mutual exchange of life-changing thoughts and experiences. It brings us immense happiness to witness thousands of passionate enthusiasts indulge in a day filled with ideas that spark innovation. Setting foot into the 10th edition, we are certain that this year TEDxGateway will surpass all previous records and set a benchmark for years to come.”

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